Top 20 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #6

if your enemy’s underwater and you

cannot spot him throw a smoke grenade in

the water as soon as the enemy comes

near the smoke you’ll see a blue

reflection of your enemy in the water


take out your gun and fire at it to kill

your enemy if you spot an enemy on the

balcony of the squad house climb the

stairs and jump onto this window now get

down in this manner and jump towards the

balcony to surprise your enemy and kill



when you see an enemy waiting for you

near the stairs go to the balcony of the

next house and walk towards the balcony

of the enemy’s house in this manner

surprise your enemy by entering from the

back door and kill them

if you’re in a lobby and want to tell

something to your squad members without

turning on your mic you can go to

messages and click over here to type

your message it’ll be shown in the lobby

for a few seconds and get disappeared


you can throw any grenade through the

wall in this manner go close towards the


take a grenade change it to low toss and

throw it the grenade goes through the

wall and kills the enemy you can climb

this building located inside the

military base in this man jump over the

wall now jump over to the top of the

entrance and climb the building you can

hide yourself over here to kill your

enemies easily

here’s a trick to make no noise while

walking pull the Molotov cocktail in

your hand

change it to low toss and start

sprinting as you can see there is no

sound of the footsteps coming in this

case whereas here’s the case when you

sprint normally you can climb the stairs

of this warehouse and jump over here to

hide yourself in the corner

you can surprise the enemy and kill them

as soon as they enter the warehouse


you can climb over to the crane present

near the Novo containers now get down in

this manner you’ll lose your health but

it’s worth it hide yourself and kill the

enemies as soon as they come near you


never stand close to a damaged vehicle

as soon as it bursts the player standing

beside it gets automatically killed

without getting knocked ever wondered

how long the quick chat messages last

for the enemies ahead mark lasts for

five seconds and the I got supplies mark

lasts for 30 seconds

you can climb over your teammate to know

about the enemy’s position above you

just make your teammate stand beside the

door in this manner and try to climb the

door from the other side now you know

the exact position of your enemy so we

can go and kill them easily when you try

to block the stairs of the squad house

with a vehicle don’t do it in this

manner because it won’t let you climb

the stairs keep the vehicle full

straight and take it to the top just

press the exit button to get down onto

the other side now wait here for your

enemies to do the same as soon as they

do it start firing for an easy kill now

let’s talk about the marks on the

mini-map first footsteps the maximum

distance of the footstep you can see is

20 meters

it’s the dimmest as the enemy approaches

you it gets brighter in the following


20 meters 15 meters 10 units

secondly we’ll talk about the vehicles

market if a vehicle is coming towards

you you’ll see the mark at roughly 90


it’ll be the dimmest as the vehicle

approaches you it gets brighter in the

following manner 90 meters 60 meters 30



you can throw a grenade farther than

normal if you jump and throw compared to

a normal throw just make sure to click

on the jump button just after you

release the grenade


there are two possible ways to climb the

barn house number one climb over the

window in this manner and jump on to the

shack below now climb over to the

terrace in this manner number two when

there is no Shack below the barn house

climb over to the window in this manner

and go around the barn house like this

to reach the terrace


it’s easier to climb a steep mountain in

the reverse direction of a u-az compared

to climbing it in the forward direction


the new update has introduced some new

loot locations you’ll find a dry tree

which will provide you with some

surprise loo when you water it by

clicking on the water bucket

places where you can find these trees

are near the starting of the military

base bridge near the laboratory on this

mountain next to the military base near

the mountain between Rosic and school

and inside the hospital building if you

knock out a player and die you would

still get the kill if the nacht player

is killed by any of your teammates


here’s a fun tip take a grenade and

change it to low-tops now stand close to

a u-az

and start cooking the grenade until it

blasts you’ll see that the vehicle gets

damaged but nothing happens to you


here’s a bonus tip subscribe to clash

universe for more such videos let’s keep

a light game of 10,000 hope you guys do




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